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Welcome to PDGN

Welcome to the world's first global network of politicians who champion diabetes prevention, early diagnosis and the best treatments for all. PDGN is here to help you become a champion advocate for diabetes and its comorbidities wherever you live.

Our History

The idea of a global network of Parliamentarians championing diabetes within their legislatures came about as a consequence of separate developments over a number of years that highlighted the lack of such an organisation.

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What We Do

Our primary objective is to enable law-makers to help prevent diabetes, encourage early diagnosis of diabetes and improve the treatment of diabetes in every part of the world. We exist to help advocates for diabetes wherever they are.

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Latest Newsletter

As well as holding a biennial forum for members to come together and discuss the successful advocacy and championing of diabetes, PDGN produces newsletters informing members of initiatives and best practice.

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A Message from the President


It is an honour and a privilege to have been elected the second President of PDGN and to be part of such an innovative, inspiring and important movement of Parliamentarians with diverse political viewpoints, from different countries and cultures, who are united in their advocacy to diagnose and treat diabetes and its comorbidities.

The organisation has grown from the seed of a shared idea into a trans-national group of politicians from every corner of the globe whose power and influence is enhanced through networking information, initiatives and meetings.

I am very proud to oversee the next stage of this development from a network of actors who effectively influence their Governments and key decision makers, to persuading trans-national organisations to take diabetes and it's comorbidities more seriously, to set targets and drive improvements.

Whether you are a member of a regional, national or trans-national decision making body, if you share PDGN’s passion to prevent diabetes and improve the conditions of those with the condition, irrespective of where they live, then we are here to assist you.  

You can sign up for free by just filling in the on-line membership form and I look forward to hearing about your ideas and actions.

Best wishes,

Guy Barnett MP

State of Tasmania, Australia

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